Our lad Oscar Mortimer is back with another top ten DnB picks. Get stuck in to what he’s picked out and remember, we’re on the Fusion Terrace every Friday. Come and join the fun. Over to Oscar.



    Although It was Artwork who ushered in the summer term in a flurry of four to the floor beats, we can’t forget about those snares. So without further adoo, it’s time to count down DBE’s top 10 DnB tracks to listen to this spring:


    10: Satl – Everything Anything

    We begin our DBE DnB list with a bit of what Gregory Porter might call ‘liquid spirit’. I haven’t heard much about Satl and the obsessive compulsive in me is having trouble dealing with the whole t in front of l thing, but this song is incredible. Perfectly sampling London Grammar – If you wait, Everything and Anything is everything and anything I love about liquid DnB.


    9: DC Breaks – Gambino (Inside Info Remix)

    Creeping in at nine is a contemporary touch on what was already a genre classic. DC Breaks’ Gambino, is one of the songs that four years on, still has me yelling ‘fuck off’ at the top of my lungs when it is dropped. Inside Info has taken it, made it more evil, and ensured my token reaction has its expiry date extended.


    8: Dimension – Raver

    Fun fact, this song was released whilst I was at a pre drinks. Game changer. There are plenty of reasons to like this one, personally I love the hark back to the old skool British rave culture, and as a Beckenham boy, I’m loving the Danny Graft sample.


    7: Mefjus – Sinkhole

    A tough name to pronounce with a lisp, Mefjus is one of the undisputed gods of heavy European neurofunk. This song however, is a study in his musical versatility. It makes use of a broad array of periphery sound effects, around an infectious and simplistic rolling beat. The end result is an atmospheric oratory masterpiece.


    6: Zed Bias – Pick Up The Pieces (Skeptical mix)

    We now have our second remix of the list. Zed Bias is a legend of the garage scene, and it was great to see his recent works be given a Drum and Bass makeover. Boudah’s lyrical lending is still amazing, but the entire song has become ever darker in Skeptical’s hands.


    5: Marcus Intalex – Roller 170

    This one really is long awaited. The scene was rocked with the death of Marcus Intalex just over one year ago. Since his passing, the vaults have been opened and we can celebrate his talent in the form of never before released tracks. Roller 170 is one of those, a song that so perfectly illustrates the 90’s era Drum and Bass of which Intalex was a pioneer, he is still sorely missed.


    4: Circuits – Designer Drugs

    Circuits is a collaboration between Inside Info, a previous feature on this list, and Kasra. The two have formed this powerful circuit, and together released the electrifying Coming Through EP. A celebration of all the dark, gripping music that Critical Recordings has become known for producing. My personal favourite from the EP is Designer Drugs, a tune that creeps in with a long build up, and then hammers the eardrums for the remainder. Whatever these Designer Drugs are, I intend to get high off them now before they get put on the banned substance list.


    3: Dimension – Techno

    Yet another appearance for Dimension, 2018 is shaping up to being his year. Raver was an incredible song, and he followed it up in spectacular fashion with Techno. Sorry no monotonous industrial techno beat here, but there is some utterances in a German accent. That and unrelenting dancefloor Drum and Bass. It is tracks such as this, that make one understand why he is being dubbed the new Chase and Status.


    2: Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)

    Rich in nostalgia, this track takes a childhood playing Fifa Street 2 on a tiny box television, and my young adulthood gun fingering in a darkened room, and throws them together perfectly. As this song poured unapologetically out of the sound systems at Rampage festival, I turned to my friend as the clock struck 3 am and said ‘I think I am having a second wind’.


    1: High Contrast – If We Ever (Unglued Bootleg)

    Was there any doubt what would be number one?! This track has been quite literally inescapable recently, with every Drum and Bass fan trying to get their hands on it. The DJ behind it, Unglued, has gone from zero to hero in a matter of months due its popularity. So much so that he has been signed by Hospital Records. Still unreleased, this is the closest we will get to it….for now.


    THANK YOU OSCAR. Now lets enjoy some of the sun. Join us on the Terrace every Friday, and at our End Of Term Party on June 21st.




    We’re counting down the days until our next Loughborough event, a Day & Night party with the legendary selector ARTWORK and the DBE residents.


    We asked the DBE boys to give us their top 3 tunes that they’re feeling at the moment – Check out their selections below and get excited for when they take to the decks with Artwork in a few weeks



    Shadow Child – Galactico


    Nice7 – Real Love


    Boys Noize – S&H Disco



    Jake Twell:

    Alan Fitzpatrick – Joy Rider


    Dirty Secretz & Tom Da Lips – Bare Brass


    Laolu – The Return




    Hi & Saberhägen – Loveless


    Photek – Mine To Give


    Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give




    Kamar (Kerri Chandler) – I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix)


    Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo – Hacia Alla


    SG Lewis, J Warner – Aura (Melé Remix)






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