Here we have for you 10 DnB tracks picked out by Oscar Mortimer. Get stuck in.

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    Yes that’s right, you are definitely on a list about DnB! My Nu Leng are the MVP’s of the base house and bassline scene. But now they’ve decided to grow up and return to their Drum and Bass routes with a series of new tracks. Portal is my standalone winner. Released on shogun audio, it leaves me wondering why they couldn’t have grown up sooner?


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    One of two representatives from Metalheadz has made the list at number 9, and the first is providing the only track on the list to feature an MC. Ulterior Motive has just released a brand spanking new EP called ‘ Guidance 001’ on Guidance recordings. My personal fave is this simplistic entry entitled The Wobbler; I’ll leave you to discover for yourself why it is titled so.

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    Creeping in at number 8 is a recent belter from a jump up legend. You may be familiar with Macky Gee when he performs alongside Dj Phantasy, Stormin, Shabba, Skibadee and Harry Shotta in the infamous jump up group SASASAS, but he’s no stranger to producing stellar jump up tunes by himself. We were first treated to tour when SASASAS played at rampage festival this year and it has gone on to become an instantaneous jump up classic.


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    At number 7, a song from the land of large joints and small beers. The Netherlands doesn’t have many exports beyond Heineken and wheels of mild tasting cheese. One thing they have in abundance however are DnB producers working in trios. Straight from the city of Utrecht, Black Sun Empire are heavy weights of European DnB. Their new album ‘the wrong room’ is achieving critical acclaim at the moment. My personal favourite off the album (which is not without a dirty tune) is Scariff. Co-produced with another neurofunk poster boy Pythuis, the song is both a high-octane thrill ride from start to finish.

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    Much to my delight, we’re taking another trip on to the neurofunk side of things with this entry. Radical Sound lives up to its title exceedingly well. It is rather radical indeed. Best listened to through a pair of noise blocking headphones, or with a co2 canon blowing directly into your face, this song is heavy enough to knock every instruction given to you by your line manager that morning out of your head all together…. believe me, I know.

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    This summer was great for legacy. No legacy is more iconic than that of Goldie. Owner of Metalheadz recordings and arguably one of the godfathers of the genre itself! He released his second album The Journey Man’ this year and its swan song is ‘I think of you’, a hauntingly simplistic melody that transports the mind into a Zen state. Goldie, here’s to thinking of you.

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    Dimension has established himself as a mainstay in the world of dance floor DnB, and as far as live shows comes…topping him is about as difficult as landing a knockout punch on Floyd Mayweather! His success can be largely attributed to his ability to produce brilliant vocal DnB. Black church is no exception.

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    DnB comes in many forms. Recent memory has seen a return to form for jump up. Hype and Hazard are b2bing from Birmingham to Bognor Regis but now times are rolling, and it looks like the genre is too. Boomtown 2017 saw king of the rollers (Voltage, Serum and Bladerunner) play to the largest DnB crowd I’ve ever been a part of. Although it’s a year old, Suck Out by Voltage would be the tune I would play to an alien coming to earth to experience rollers. The name I assume, is a reference to the face you make when listening to it. The drop is like a shot of malt vinegar to the eye, and the snares are straight out of a time when I was still a twinkle in my fathers eye.

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    Calibre is to liquid what Donald Trump is to ignorance…synonymous! All the way back in march, he released his new album ‘the deep’ and with it Mr. Natural. The song is five and a half minutes of bliss, but went largely unnoticed for a while. That was until the tragic passing of Manchester DnB legend (and close friend of Calibre’s) Marcus Intalex. The song has made its rounds in many a tribute mix, most humbling was when the song was featured with a moving recording of Intalex talking about success beginning with the moment you get fully out of bed, being played overtop.

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    You may know Halogenix as one third of producing trio ivy lab, who played DBE last year, but I’ll forgive you for not! Halogenix is a seasoned veteran from the DnB scene. His seminal tune ‘Her Waves’ is in my opinion one of the best liquid DnB records of all time. But Her Waves…. Blej is not. Blej is born of something far more sinister, with a distinct nuerofunk vibe. The first drop will make you feel dirty, and you won’t have enough soap to outlast the second!

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    Thanks for that Oscar, plenty of weight in there.

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    Another DBE debutant this year is Leicester DJ/Producer Dan Jones aka Deej. He has been running nights in the city and further afield for a number of years and has developed his own signature sound, both in production and DJ sets. Now becoming a regular face in clubs around the midlands, people have warmed to his particular brand of deep, bubbling, garage inspired house music. Teaming up regularly with fellow Leicester label City fly he always brings the vibes to any set.


    The Groove Stage – a club night recently adding a label to its belt of assets, goes forth with the same musical ethos as it’s creator, tipping its hat to the 90s, with deep chunky drums, euphoric rising synths and a swung percussion line that is impossible to not move your shoulders to. If the first release is a sign of things to come then it looks like we’re in for a few aural treats.

    We asked Dan to pick his 3 favourite tunes of the last few months ahead of his set at DBE x Nowhere w/ City Fly boss Jonna on 7th October, enjoy:

    Tune 1

    Tune 2

    Tune 3

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    Dan Jones: