• Its been one hell of a summer break for us so far, after gazing longingly at the DBE visuals in Room 1 in Loughborough before they were turned off until October, we embarked on our summer partying schedule, to Parklife, Hideout Festival and Bedouin Beach Club to name a few. This article however, brings us back to the hazy depths of June, written down by Oscar Mortimer to document his time at the June End of Term Party, thanks Oscar!



    “A rainy June evening over Loughborough draws in, the summer exam period comes to an end and its time for Loughborough students union to bow itself out in spectacular DBE fashion. Whether you are sports science or graphic design; your calendar may look different but your social one shares this very special evening, DBE end of exams party; the prospect that kept a drum and bass purist in the library for three straight weeks.


    Wednesday killed me and Thursday brought me back to life; Daniel Sturridge’s footwork has me tapping my toes and I saddle up and stroll boldly onto campus, my head still thumping from last nights antics. The mood on campus is one of pure excitement, I take a detour from the union to check out the Straight Out of Towers Crew for a little shuffle around in Faraday Common room. The room is a blur of faces old and new and eleven o’clock couldn’t come any sooner; I’ve watched the entire University finish exams before me, its taken until 6pm on the 15th of July for me to conclude my studies, Gassed is an understatement, bring it on DBE; its time to lose my inhibitions.


    I make my way into the Union, the production value was in a class of its own; I’ve rocked dance floors from Manchester to Brighton and can’t think of the last time I’ve seen a set up that good, DBE is greeting me, ‘Hello from the future!’. First on the menu is some rolling beats a la J Silks, Room One is slowly filling up and Silks is getting us going, a consistently high quality performer, dropping tunes both current and Old School Drum and bass, taking me back to my roots in Illegal raving and acts such as Aphrodite and pre – House Dj Zinc (traitor).


    Its not long before Silk’s set fades, but not before the tempo and pulse in the room has been exponentially raised; a new face then walks across to the decks, 1991. Little was known about this guy before tonight, the newcomer has been making waves in the Drum and Bass scene with tracks such as ‘Sprites’ and ‘Witchdoctor’, a song favoured by Dimension, who played it at Detonate and featured it on his Red bull Mix. Aside from that I don’t know what to expect but if Dimension likes your songs then you can’t be that bad right? My thoughts are confirmed as the speakers and strobes explode and the room erupts into unadulterated chaos and jump up vibes. Whoever this guy is, he doesn’t fuck around, keep an eye out for big things to come from 1991, absolutely filthy and a sure contender for best act of the night.


    I take my leave from Room One smiling and perspiring, that alone was worth the entire exam period; but the night is still young, and its time to switch up the pace and the style and have a trip to Cogz for Loefah and Chunky, Swamp 81 represent! These two are patron saints of dub and regular artists to play at Outlook festival, or its underground sister Dimensions festival. The room pulsates to the unique and clear dub sounds, an experience that far contrasts the mayhem of Room One and brings a whole new unique way in which the spine can tingle. The vibe in Cogz is testament to the great diversity and wealth of talent DBE has to offer; for a second I zone out and think I’m at Boiler Room, but minus the top knots, and a Nasty in hand as apposed to a Red Stripe.


    As the duos set comes to a close, I return to the seething atmosphere of Room One and on to the main event of the night in my opinion, Hospital records legends Fred V and Graffix take to the decks, two men who are living proof that two heads are better than one and who in my opinion, share the title of best UK drum and bass duo with Calyx and Teebee. The two rock the union to its very foundations with rolling euphoric beats that have the crowd in a suspended state of awe and vocal tunes blare out of the speakers prompting a crowd wide sing along. Fred V and Graffix take the cake for performance of the evening and also take best moment of the evening when they drop the Loadstar remix of Blind faith by Chase and Status. Another special moment I can be proud to say DBE has given me.


    I retreat to Fusion smoking area for recaps and reminiscing over a roll up with my girlfriend and close friends and then we all take our leave in high spirits. Overall a fantastic display of bass line culture from the guys and girls at DBE, cementing DBE as a night that is in a class of its own above any other night in the midlands and shows that it can go toe to toe with the likes of UKF and Ram and Detonate. If you’ve been with us through the year then its been a pleasure, and if you haven’t, be sure to give DBE a go next year; it’s a decision you wont regret.


    A fantastic year for DBE, until next time……. Unless you are going to XOYO anytime soon; in which case the fun is far from over.”

  • At DBE we love teaming up with talented artists to put together some wicked artwork for our events. Back in March of this year we embarked on a new chapter with a series of events at London’s XOYO. After having the likes of Latmun and Leda Stray along joined by the trusty residents, we find ourselves in the run up to our Summer party and now the story so far behind the special inter-linked artwork can be revealed. We caught up with Anna Daly to talk about her work which features in the first three DBE x XOYO events.

    Artwork by Anna Daly - Latmun


    Anna Daly


    English Grad



    Artwork by Anna Daly - Leda Stray


    5ft 11ish

    Shoe size:


    Favourite saying:

    ¡Cañas con mis amigas! (Drinks with my girls!)

    Artwork by Anna Daly - Residents

    What was the process behind the artwork?

    The drawing was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest, I’m not sure how I found it but the subject caught my eye. When creating art, I love to use colour, I usually begin my first outline with the lightest colour and build on that with darker colours until there’s enough detail and I’m happy. Because I’m lazy I like to do things as quick as possible, which is why I find that fine liner pens allow me to have a quick technique (scribble) whilst still achieving a style that is personal to me.


    Tell us about the different effects you came up with whilst listening to different styles of music during the process.

    I always listen to music when drawing, as although my process of my work never really changes, I definitely think the right music affects the outcome of each art piece. The atmosphere of the music often influences my choice of colours and the combination I use. Music will always guide my art process. My technique reacts to what I hear, for example, the beat and tempo of music will reflect in the length of each pen stroke. A good mix that builds well will allow yourself to create art that builds at the same pace.

    I found this Essential Mix by Black Coffee perfect for getting lost in the music and really focussing on creating something unique.


    You can follow Anna and all her art over on her site,