• As the time for our annual trip to the beautiful island of Pag, Croatia is fast approaching, we’re getting super excited to party in the sun with all of the ridiculous lineup at Hideout Festival, with Pasquale’s Hideout Mix


    As as special treat to warm you up for this years festival antics, we have an exclusive Hideout 2016 mix from the man like Pasquale to keep you entertained until June! Including tracks from Phil Weeks, Friend Within, Latmun + loads more its sure to make you want to rave all night long!


    Enjoy x







    Remember you can still grab a ticket on the Hideout Website before its too late




    After some lovely words from our mate Oscar Mortimer on the Secret Party in February, we invited him down to legendary Shoreditch club, XOYO, for a few beers and to write about his time on the 23rd March, thanks Oscar! x


    It’s the 23rd of March and the party for DBE hasn’t finished just because the second academic term has; a mere five days since the likes of Preditah, Catz and Dogz, Huxley and Barely Legal tore the roof of the students union, its time to dust off the desk and get your air max 90’s on as the fam embark on their debut night of debauchery in the Capital.




    From Loughborough to London the party has travelled south to send off the winter in spectacular fashion. After a week long skiing holiday, my head has all but had enough of aperol, skittlebombs and cheesy French electro music (honestly when will they learn that accordions and house music was always a tad sketchy). Despite my soul crushing two day hangover, the thought of a bass laced DBE night tantalises me and I am reborn in time to charge my glass and board the overground; Shoreditch bound and to the fabled XOYO.


    Half an hour, two cans of red stripe and a rendezvous with friends later and I’m in the queue, and its stretching all the way down the street! I will be honest I was slightly apprehensive before, after hearing my mates talk of a ‘dead’ night out at XOYO a couple of days prior and the fact that this is a debut night in a city very far from home for DBE, but the numbers speak for themselves. From speaking to various people in the queue I discover that there are people who have travelled from as far as West Sussex, Summerset, and the farthest reaches of Kent to come here tonight (and that certainly makes my one night bus home seem just a little more appealing). At that point if I had a glass in my hand I would have raised a toast to the promoters and ticket sellers of this event because they clearly put in a shift to ensure that the numbers could be made and praise is in order. I soon dispense with the formalities and turn my attention toward the night ahead.


    I enter the main room to a warming orange glow that has illuminated the entire room and lights hanging from the centre of the room outward. The room is relatively small but the vibe is one of unadulterated happiness; Jake Twell is blasting Anyway by Duck sauce, the speakers thump in a steady four to the floor and I look around to a sea of smiling familiar (and some unfamiliar) faces singing along to the music. The funky rhythms continue and I reminisce of the Friday evening summer sets that the residents perform at Jc’s of which I cannot wait to visit again. It also feels quite surreal to be dancing in XOYO, a club that is a staple tradition to me and my fellow South East Londoners, but to be surrounded by the people and Dj’s from my University that I love. The night essentially provides a vessel through which my two lives combine harmoniously in a fiesta of vibrant colour, positivity and brilliant music.



    Its not long before the Nottingham Based Latmun graces the decks and the tempo and style changes to the gradual builds and delightful drops of tech house. The room has filled by this point and Is absolutely bouncing with hands in the air and moving bodies everywhere. The crowd waits and builds in anticipation with every build up and then erupts into a chorus of appreciation and bobbing heads to every drop. Whilst he plays, people are dancing and merrymaking, the DJs join in the fun and mingle with fellow students and overall the night really projects a sense of comfort and happiness.



    Before I know it, the clock strikes three and its time for me to depart and travel back to far reaches of South East London. I reluctantly swap the crowded dance floor for the top deck of the N3 and travel into the early morning. Once again another wicked night as a result of the hard work and talent of all of the people at and affiliated to DBE; I was thrilled to have the party follow me to my home town and even more thrilled to see that not even paying 12 pounds for a double would be enough to shy away the loyal student DBE fandom. Roll on summer term and the next party.