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    • On 25th Feb we invited Oscar Mortimer down to write a review of the “Not-So-Secret” Party, here’s what he thought about throughout the night:


    It’s a fairly often occurrence that an itchy footed group of ravers make a road trip up the M1 for a DBE party, but I think I took the biscuit for distance on this occasion with a petrol stop in Antwerp. What kind of guy would I be if I passed up an opportunity to book the van early and spend a vibe heavy weekend in the bubble before returning to professionalism at the Loughborough careers fair?

    Well rested and with Eindhoven far behind us, my associates and I headed to The Union for the not so secret DBE party. A name thoroughly well deserved as events past have proven that DBE is Loughborough’s worst kept musical secret, and the best night out of the month for house shufflers and DnB skankers alike. Tonight was no exception to the rule as the club was absolutely heaving with joyous revellers primed for a night of excitement.




    A new concept to me was the venue. Aside from being incredibly convenient, ascending the staircase to Fusion is a venture I’ve scarcely found myself taking. Well, at least not without equal parts white cider and shamelessness coursing through my veins. However with two DBE virgins either side of me, I made the climb and was quickly relieved of my apprehension. Fusion has never looked and sounded so good. The bass was pulsing through the walls and fantastic visuals shone overhead a crowd of satisfied dancers, and the word ‘stuesdays’ had all but disappeared from my vocabulary.




    After introducing old friends to new ones, I took to the dance floor with a rum and coke in hand to watch Pasquale command the decks with great skill. Great funky vibes all round and the perfect soundtrack to welcome me back to Loughborough for a DBE. From Manchester to Malta, Pasq rocks a dance hall to its foundations and unlike Leicester city this season; he’s always dangerous playing at home. One of my friends from the Netherlands dubbed it her favourite set of the night, a prestigious accolade since her preference for dark industrial techno makes her incredibly hard to please.




    Next to grace the turntables was Jake Twell. A Leicestershire legend, Jake Twell will apparently play at any house party you want him to, as long he is guaranteed a front page mug shot in the local paper the next day! His set emulates the positive vibes of the one before with the crowd bouncing and shaking with delight. A performance so hot, it set off the fire alarm and the subsequent bass drop saw gunfingers aplenty.




    The night wound forward in a flurry of drinks and dancing past the midpoint and the first headliner, Melé made his return to DBE after a three-year wait. Melé to me is that act that you never get round to seeing. I have consistently been at raves and festivals with a view to catching his sets, but my overriding passion for the rolling beats of DnB have always dragged me away to another stage. Tonight I broke the cycle and caught a glimpse of what I had been missing; evidently I had been missing a lot. His seamless and innovative mix of house and Brazilian beats was truly a pleasure to behold; providing a unique and energetic sound that showed the rich diversity of sounds on display at DBE. Sounds that make these nights ones I recommend to any Loughborough student and my personal favourite set of the night.




    The night wrapped up neatly with tech house giant Latmun gracing the Union. Tunes such as Def and his remix of Green Velvet are genre defining floor fillers and expectation for this one was high. Needless to say, the rising star that kicked off DBE’s campaign to take Shoreditch by force didn’t fail to deliver for us again. Laying down a set that kept the tiring revellers firmly glued to the dance floor with no intention of leaving. The Nottingham based artist treated us to a mix of newly established classics and unreleased content that had us all busting a move and hastily tapping his profile into our social media search bars for tomorrows hangover cure.




    Latmun along with the beloved residents made me feel very happy to be back in Loughborough. The impending trials of third year are ever looming, but knowing that I have raves such as these to attend next year; makes returning permanently from the land of hemp and Heineken a trip I can’t wait to make.




    Thanks Oscar, we’re glad you had a good party – sure we’ll see you again soon!

    Don’t forget our Hideout Festival Warm-Up party 30th March w/ DJ Craze, Hype, Hazard, North Base, Doorly, DJ Haus + Mella Dee




  • Hideout/30thMar/DBE


    It’s fast approaching our next DBE Loughborough party – and up next is the official Hideout Festival Warm Up Party! With the weather looking up and the hype for this one building rapidly, we thought it’d be a good chance to share with you our current favourite bits from the artists that will playing for us on March 30th. So without further ado…

    DJ HYPE Roll The Beats (1994)

    HAZARD Bricks Don’t Roll (2014)

    DJ CRAZE Scratch DJ set in the Mixmag Lab at #Smirrnoffhouse

    NORTH BASE Join The Dots (2015)

    DOORLY Mighty Dub Katz – Just Another Groove (Doorly Remix) (2016)

    DJ HAUS I Can Feel It (2016)

    MELLA DEE Massimo (2017)